Sunday, September 10, 2006

3 blind mice and a semi-old lady


I thought the singapore government spent so much money putting the silvery bumps at the mrt stations to guide the blind and give them the convenience of using the mrt? Why dont you just use the freaking bumps. One blind man at the mrt station hit me with his stick that faithful saturday morning and had the audacity to tell me to SIAM. WTF.. not even normal people have eyes at the back of our head kz. How was I to know you were coming ?

There was an empty seat, I injured my knee I was unstable and it hurt but I gave the seat to chang rui as he still had a lot more stops to go. In comes this semi-old woman, like in her 50ties giving that pathetic "if I do not sit I will die" look and chang rui just gave her the seat. Slut. Big old pale looking wrinkly slut. Why cant the eldery in Singapore be more like the ones in Hong Kong? Why do they have to act as if they were that weak and frail. Why must we definitely give them seats. I know its basic courtesy and respect but some of them really go overboard and make use of it. The independant elderly in Hong Kong when I visited were so much better, they squeeze and stand in the MTR like everyone else and they do not EXPECT you to give them their seats lor.


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