Saturday, September 02, 2006

overworked and stressed ..

camp life just sucks especially when you are working around the people I work with

stop trying to pin your errors and problems on other people .. how can you expect a signaller who has no idea how to use a "ginger" <> to keep the blank attachments for you? A blatant attempt to shrug responsibility gone wrong sighz.
I believe the fault lies actually with your driver. If the drivers of the other vehicles can keep the blank attachments, I see no reason why your cant.

you are a nice person but when you get really anxious you get very irritating and you got on my nerves at a super bad time last week
sorry for scolding you though ..

the "courageous" :
you people are actually cowards who wont even dare to write statements. the stores have been passed along for the longest period of time without anyone nit-picking on all the little faults and errors and you had to spend 4 hours of my freaking precious time saving your own ass and making sure that you dont have to take the blame for the spoilt equipment. Assholes.
Are you that scared of writing statements and machan?
You know what ? .. Karma rulez .. what comes around goes around.

why exactly do you need telping ? .. why exactly do you need joining together ? .. the mapping unit should do a better job. Being a runner stinks.

others in my coy:
why cant you people all collect your stuff at the same time? sighz .. we have to open the store over and over again just because you all decided to each act accordingly and do stuff at different times causing us so much trouble

"dutily rewarded" i hope so .. anw I believe that among the people you said who are working hard some arent pulling their weight. Instead of giving offs by vocation, I believe we should give by bunk and we all know which bunk puts in so much more effort and initiative.

Arghz .. ord coming soon ..

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 11:53 AM
0 people in the crowd heard my words

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