Saturday, October 14, 2006

scarlett fever ..

2nd scarlett johansson movie this month .. the black dahlia ..

It is officially the most classy, vintage, smart and explicit movie I have ever seen. With lesbian sex, falony, lust, corruption, lunatics, gun shots, mouth to mouth lacerations, disembowelemnt and a lot of scheming involved, you have a recipe for a really great thriller. So much hidden agendas, so much sex, so explicit the scenes were, it just makes you go 'WOW' what a thrill ride. The adrenaline and mystery when watching the show was just great, leaving the patron with a hugh satisfaction after leaving the cinema. The sets and costumes were also so classy and 'smooth'. I just love this movie.

Josh Hartnett, not that cute and quite a vase throughout the movie. Classy performance by Scarlett Johansson but the best is my million dollar baby. Hilary Swank deserves a standing ovation for being so convincing as a bisexual rich bitchy slut.

A movie not to be missed.

Waiting for the prestige now.. for Scarlett fever part 3 haha.

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