Wednesday, November 29, 2006

another english lesson . . .

a pathological fear of dentists and every related

I hate the dentist. I hate the dumb chairs you have to lie in, the bib you have to wear around your neck, the sharp instruments that probe into your mouth and the drills ewww.. the drills .. anyway yeah I hate going to the dentist. But, according to the bitchy ffi dental dentist person at kranji medical centre ^I should be more poite considering how I cant ord without her^ , I have receding gum lines and according to the dentist at DENTAL BY THE BAY ^sounds like such a cool clinic right, it's at vivo btw and no they are not paying me to advertise for them^ I have tartar everywhere even in my gums and it's gonna be quite long and painful for me to get them all out and save my gums. I even need anasthetics, sigh. I just hope they give me enough to go through this whole ordeal.

Life is hard, dentists sucks and a life without tartar and things that make you mouth rot will be so great. Still hoping ..

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