Tuesday, November 28, 2006

bitchiest trip I ever had

The award for the bitchiest trip I ever had in my life thus far goes to ~~

The trip to KL and malacca 20th - 22nd Nov
Applause Please .. ..

Firstly, I wanna give my thanks to ChinKeat for organising the trip and for being such a fun and bitchy "hotelmate" for the whole journey. Yes, we slept in the same room and even on the same queen sized bed due to unforeseen circumstances

P.S. I will not forget how cold I was that night, thanks for demostrating how to form a cocoon with ALL the blankets.

Secondly, thanks to ShiHan for being such a nice "shoppingmate" after we got dumped by the other 3 at Sungei Wang ~ woohoo shoppers' paradise must go back soon. As well as for letting me realise that malaccans ^people from malacca^ are such nice and helpful people. Those that take the bus down from KL to malacca and sit right at the back of the bus to wait for people in the front to get down first are bastards. But, that's an unfortunate incident we shall not tell unless SH agrees ..

P.S. To the bastard - karma's a bitch it's gonna bite you in the ass.

Thanks to ZhiEn and FattSheng for being such good comic reliefs, company and photographers ~ the pictures rock :P

To "Christina Ee and her mother" for a delicious snacks, enthusiastic hospitality like no other seller of pineapple tarts, and a taxi ride which got me contorting my body while I was in the cab :P

Pleasant memories galore ~ hope to go travelling with you guys soon ^kisses^

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