Wednesday, December 13, 2006

perceptions ..

Hm.. you know when you go into a store and they always play certain songs ? It's true, they only play those few songs but spare a thought for the staff inside the store. I am going nuts listening to Britney singing "All I want for Christmas is you.." like ten million times a day.

Anyway back to the topic, this entry was sparked off by a sugababes song I have been hearing over and over and over and .. .. .. over again and no i have no idea what the title of the song is. All I know is they go "People judge you only based on the things you do.."


Apparently, the image I have been presenting to my store supervisor is a meek young thing who cant take scoldings. On sunday, I messed up stocktake. How? Basically, I did just a super sloppy and lousy job of scanning and counting the thousands of stocks you have cramped in so few shelves. Thus, he scolded me and told me what I should have been doing but immediately after that he added "I am not scolding you leh.." I mean he was like super worried that I would break down and cry or something while actually I was treating his words like nothing. Why do you as a superior actually have to worry about scolding me, do I look that weak and pampered that I cant take nagging from you ?

This was following a long conversation with some of my friends, I found that they all have different ideas of who I was. They were all true and false at the same time. (I just love oxymorons) They all got little bits and pieces of my personality but thats not who I was on a whole haha. It takes a really really long time to actually know someone inside out and so far only a few of my friends have "gotten" who I am. Kudos to you all.

As a person who is very image consious, I hope the image and perception I have given to all of you is a positive one. If I haven done or said something or I have that you do not like, please do not hold it against me but take more time to know me better ok? Sometimes when you become too consious of yourself like what happens to me always, it backfires and you actually do things to ruin your image when you actually want to impress other people. So, I am a good person kz.


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