Friday, December 29, 2006

time just passes . . .

When you start working, time just whizzes by. You have no idea that christmas actually passed and you have actually reached the end of the year or you havent blogged for a super super long time. Thinking back about it, it might not be all the work it may be all the partying and alcohol. But hey, I'm young :P

Anyway updates on my life:

  1. I officially met some really bad customers.
  • An old man who told me to f--- off when I had no idea what he wanted because he was not very good at describing what he wanted.
  • An old woman who was bent on complaining me to my superiors when there was a misprint in the sizes of our clothes. I am sorry but is it my fault at all ?
  • A cheapo woman who was already getting staff discount of 50% but still had to think damn long on whether she wanted to get a skirt or not and had to waste so much of my time just bringing her the clothes she wanted.
  • A catty woman who refused to take a new piece of sweater from our stock just because a thread was slightly frayed, causing me to get new pieces of stock for her like 4 times. Damn tiring.

p.s. I am going to be nice to all salespeople in future so I dont get bitched about like the four peope got bitched about by me. And it's just not nice.

  1. I watched three movies
  • Eragon - A hero is one part courage and three parts fool. Waiting for Eragon 2 now but luckily "Time will pass quickly. Yesterday you were a farmer, today you are a hero and tomorrow might see us together. Then I'll be waiting for tomorrow. Don't worry, tomorrow will come quicker than you think.
  • Deja Vu - A damn smart show, lurve jerry bruckheimer
  • Curse of the golden flower - comical tragedy. Gong Li rocked, Jay Chow could have way more expressions. The movie came from the producers of fearless and like I slept in the middle of fearless, I slept in the middle of this movie as well
  1. I topped sales in my store temporarily. In the first 3 wks of december, I made 30000+ for my store, leading the rest but I do not think I will be leading for long because I got a mc for 3 days - today tomorrow and sunday. I at first wanted to fake an illness so I could go for my cell group party later and my 4L class gathering tomorrow but I ended up with a real fever and throat infection which got me a mc for the rest of the year haha.

God works in mysterious ways.

My life just whizzes by ~ Exciting right ~

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