Saturday, December 02, 2006

unlucky . . .

I cant believe what happened to me this fateful thursday. It qualifies as the unluckiest day I have ever ever had in my life.

Firstly, as all of you know my gums are receding and after the expensive treatment ~DENTAL BY THE BAY~ (rings chime) gives me, my mom (who is paying for my dental treatment) decides that I should have a second opinion and hopefully a cheaper option. Thus, me (the nice son I am) go down to NTUC DENTICARE at BUKIT MERAH to find DR TEO something something (I didnt bother remembering your name cos it is just a super disgusting chinese name which is hard to memorise) whom I have already booked an appointment with.

He sashays in with a weird smile and a revolting biege coloured hawaiian, calmly sits down and listens to my story about how my ord dental ffi officer thinks that my gums are receding and I need to see the dentist. Then, he nicely gave me 2 words - "oral cleaning" without even looking into my mouth. WTF, shouldnt you at least check my teeth to see whether that is the only thing you can do. I mean are you that great to know what problem my teeth are having without even looking into my mouth? Even DENTAL BY THE BAY has to do an x-ray for me to determine the overall problem of my teeth. What kind of professional are you?

After my bitching and questioning of his professional ethics, he decides to look into my mouth for like 3 split seconds and decides oral cleaning is all I need. Plus he refuses to give me straight forward answers to the questions I posed him about the condition of my teeth. To top it all off, I had to pay the arsehole 17 bucks for lousy and totally slipshod and unprofessional service.

Anyone has the number for C.A.S.E or some dental authority, I want to complain and sue the pants off the f-er.

To make the day even more flowery, the mom of the kid I am teaching tuition to decides to tell me the kid is sick and cant have lessons only after I reached her front door.

Sigh ..

Sigh ..

Sigh ..

Anyway, my super bad mood was quelled soon after some much needed retail therapy in Queensway Shopping Centre where I saw this super nice pair of adidas shoes. (I would have bought them if I havent already bought two new pairs of shoes in Malaysia)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Trust me they look much better up close. I was in a better mood by the end of the day thanks to the hilarious DECK THE HALLS which is much better than I expected and a hearty meal at Kenny Rogers.

P.S. To Timothy, thanks for the company and making my mood slightly better :P

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