Thursday, December 07, 2006

wonderful crazy ..

American Juniors was a reality television series spin-off of the American Idol. Around 2,000 children and teenagers auditioned for the show; from these twenty were chosen as contestants. Throughout the season, this number was narrowed down to five through several rounds of voting. Like American Idol, voting was done by the show's viewers via telephone. Unlike Idol, to prevent hurt feelings, the contestants were voted into the group, as opposed to being voted off the show.The five contestants who remained at the end of the season were formed into a group also named the American Juniors. They were Lucy Hale, Tori Thompson, Taylor Thompson, Chauncey Matthews and Danielle White.

Basically that whole paragraph was to tell you that American Juniors is a kiddo version of American Idol. But, I have never heard of the winners but I have heard of her:

Katelyn took part in the first and only season of American Juniors. Competing against thousands of others who auditioned for the show, she succeeded in making it to the finals (top ten), but did not win a spot on the five member band.
She is also the singer of this great new song that I love ..

~... "Its a wonderful, crazy
Its a beautiful, out of control
Kind of scary, amazing
But i dont really mind at all
Like im falling, flying, laughing and crying hanging on and letting go
Cause my life's so wonderful, crazy" ...~

Sounds like my life now =P and i just love these oxymorons.

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 3:13 AM
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