Monday, January 15, 2007

I just do not like you . . .

I have nothing personal against you and I do not want to talk behind you back so here it is.

Howard ~ I do not like you much

I do not enjoy being called having no common sense after buying a cake for one person which was what you instructed. Isn't that a little too harsh. If you want something to be done a certain way please try to do it yourself. I do accept your apology though.

I also cant find myself talking much to you, its just I have nothing to say to you lor so very hard to be on talking terms. I can't agree much with the way you do things also, the impression is get is just very superficial and kinda fake. It's like you are doing things just for show and not really out of your truest intentions. But that's just my own feeling la which may be wrong.

I just do not like you much. Hope somehow that changes when I get to know you better ba cos it seems you are quite nice to your cell group members.

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 1:22 AM
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