Thursday, January 18, 2007

woohoo ~

I would like to thank two seperate parties . . .

Benjamin Lim - thanks for the postcard man ~ super touched when I received it. Send you something soon kz, friends forever. Remember to attend my 21st birthday party or gathering or something when you return to singapore.

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The people from 8 days magazine who chose my letter as the best letter of the week. Love you guys and sorry to dionne kho if I scolded you too badly in my original letter (letters may be editted for clarity and length). Mine was obviously editted for the latter. Anyways will enjoy the wine hamper and reading your fabulous magazine.

Buy a copy of 8 days and see my letter people.

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what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 12:35 AM
0 people in the crowd heard my words

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