Monday, May 14, 2007

on a monday ..

I started the day waking up at six plus *which I havent done in such a long time.. God have mercy* for a briefing at vivocity. My dear friends at esprit *especially my store manager* why is there a need to gossip just because I was dressed in a PTI polo shirt *which I happened to think I looked good in* and shorts ? I was going to swim and gym with my bff *best friend forever for those not into blonde fiction* JY after that what. Hm. Just not used to the attention I was getting. *not that I wasnt enjoying it though*

Anyway reached SAFRA mt. faber early and saw kids who attended the preschool there walking to the pool for swimming lessons. *They were so cuuuuute.. five "u"s seem good enough to emphasize my point* The point is I was shocked to see that whilst most of the little kiddy boys were holding that little kiddy girls hands like we always did when we were young. Around one quarter of the pairs were actually made up of two little kiddy boys. You have little kiddy girls walking by themselves and "lkb" *I am too tired to type little kiddy boys/girls.. shoots I just typed it again* holding other "lkb" hands. Either I am thinking too much into it or this proves that you are actually born with homosexual tendencies. The "lkg" walking by themselves turn into butches. *But they are still so cute..*

Lastly I cut my hair today *If you are my friends you should know I have a history of doing crazy stuff to the crop on my head* Anyway my hats goes off to ICON by Shunji Matsuo at B1 Wisma. *dont be too pleased* You should change your name to Sucky Matsuo as you are an ICON for super bad service. Firstly I think the manager who was standing greeting patrons right in front totally ignored me with his trusty, snooty, "I am ugly but still I am too good for everyone" type disgusting attituded sidekick. When I was going to cut my hair this conversation followed:

Nerdy and lousy looking hairstylist: How do you want be to cut your hair?

Nice customer ME: describes the way I want it and asks for his opinion

Nerdy and lousy looking hairstylist: Does not give opinion but continues asking whether I want a portion layered

ME: What difference would that make

Nerdy and lousy looking hairstylist: Fails to explain the differences and continues asking whether I wanted a part of my hair thicker and longer

ME: How different would that look ?

Nerdy and lousy looking hairstylist has the audacity to make a face, walk slightly away and make a ugh sound when he was the one who was supposed to be providing the service.

Luckily my hair came out okay due to my own nitpicking.

And how was I to know that you guys were too inefficient to keep your own cashier counter and I had to pay at the Isetan one ? By the way no one offered me this information till I found it out myself.

Anyway what goes around comes around fools.

The monday was still a fun one kz I was in a good mood for most of the day haha.

And a little quiz for you guys .. guess what the ppl are snatching for in the picture:

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