Tuesday, September 18, 2007

my theory on excellence

I was reading through the nanyang tribune when I realised they had this page of all the young achievers in NTU.

There was this year one student who has written like so many articles and they are published like in the papers ? This techie nerd looking dude who is a fashion designer of a popular chain? This not bad looking guy in NBS *woohoo* who owns his own dance school and seems to be damn good at salsa. Within my ob class there is this lao ban who likes earns so much ! $4000 per marketing idea OMG all is hearday but somehow he is a young entrepeneur who is damn good at what he is doing. Hm..

These people make me wonder what I am doing with my life. They all seem to have a niche and something that they are especially good at. Then what exactly has god given me sobz.

Wished I have the chance to be in their shoes and live their lifes . hang around with their friends . and yar .

Guess what - I'm happy with my life as it is now - The grass is always greener on the other side so I should just be pleased with my life my friends and myself

*I'll just wait until my next life to be in their shoes and live my wildest dreams*

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