Saturday, December 15, 2007

blurry week

this week passed in a blur
I better blog about it before more stuff happen
I am already beginning to forget what is happening already
lousy memory
Monday 10-12-07
slacked the whole day

Tuesday 11-12-07
watched the TATTOOIST
did not realise its a Singapore production
quite gross though
thinking whether I should get a tattoo now though

went out with the usual company
havent been in kino for so long
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xingyue you dont look that bad lar
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xingyue: value for money
sigh i cant stand this kinda books damn thick and a lot of small words
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world's longest novel: short of one book here though
dinner at pepper lunch
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lots of interesting videos
Wednesday 12-12-07
I regret some of the decisions I have made
not because of the decisions I made
but because of people who think they know everything
I actually have more than enough faith in myself
and I do not see why you are scolding when you havent done anything yourself

heroes ending sucks
anyway the company is good :)

cant believe abner asked me to play mahjong

Thursday 13-12-07
swimming training
learned how to plunge

netball match
hall 9 rocks
scored whenever we got the ball

water polo match
damn tiring
had to fend off two guys who marked me
did I really look that professional ?
lost but we did our best !

gl gathering
quite fun
except for the ice lemon tea that was spilled on me

to xy: sorry la
I did not really mean it lar
did not mean to get so anal on you :P
Friday 14-12-07
short shopping trip
lots of fun anyways
great company
saw the difference between good and bad service
so sad it lasted so short
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Anyway see you guys at tonight's party k
Cya later :)

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 1:47 PM
0 people in the crowd heard my words

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