Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The One About The Fun Weekend

It seems like I am having lots of fun during the weekend
And what do I do about it ?
I blog !

It started with
Steamboat in hall on friday
I deeply apologise to 48 residents for indirectly causing the blackout
But it was so much fun !
me and panda shopping for food

and finally the cooking
Great food
Great company
Great laughs
- will all those that owe me money please pay up -

Shopping on saturday
We look good right ?!
Camwhores !

And someone mistook this for an actual macs outlet

The car I want at present
Red car with a red plate to match
to mom : hint hint Photobucket

Anyway my 2 favourite shows are back on !
Gossip Girl and all the drama
America's Next Top Model with all the hot babes
Favourites this season :
French and cute
This picture is so cool !

Lauren Brie
First picture sucked
But this one is fierce !~

Love her looks
She's a fighter ! Cool right ~

So many tests so little time
Work hard people

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 10:39 AM
0 people in the crowd heard my words

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